In Rational Asset Manager 7.1, we introduced data URLs as a way of gathering data from the repository. I’ve uploaded a sample report on developerWorks Exchange that shows download activity for a given community in July 2008. The report is broken into three parts: a trend graph for downloads by day, a table of downloads by asset, and a table of downloads by user.

This report uses data from a production asset repository (the user information and asset names have been changed for confidentiality). The data URL used to retrieve the data is:

Web Services path/reporting/assetActivity:tid=610,fromTime=1214886372791,toTime=1217561172791|asset:shortcut=ramSearch:(1fGroup,lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit)

As documented in the Help Center, the shortcut value can be retrieved from the search page after performing a search.
Example search shortcut

You can import the project into BIRT 2.3 to see how the report was created and run the report yourself.

Would you like to see other example reports? Able to use the data from this report to create your own snazzy report and want to share it? Let us know!