I’ve been talking with a lot of customers the over the last few months and I have plans for many upcoming visits. A recurring theme in these discussions have been difficulties releasing software.

Nightmarish stories abound!…  organizing all the assets of the release, getting all the appropriate sign-offs, and delivering the right components to production or operations, just to name a few.

The embedded video captures the vision for using Rational Asset Manager to manage a software release – comments and feedback appreciated!


For my first post on the blog, I’m pleased to announce Rational Asset Manager v7.2.0.1!

This is a service pack release.  It includes some small enhancements that customers told us they needed.  Here is where you can find more information:

Install Guide

Release Notes

Here are some of the new and noteworthy “goodies” in this release:

Support for Websphere version 7.0

  • Now Rational Asset Manager version can be installed on WAS version 7.0. The recommended Fix pack version is 7  i.e

WSRR 7 Integration support

  • RAM supports integration with WebSphere Service Registry and Repository 7.0

Improved Search Relevance

  • New factors are included in the search relevance algorithm. These include asset popularity, asset version, and asset modification date. This ensures that the most relevant assets are displayed first in search results

Cloud Support

  • RAM is now available on the IBM Cloud. Once you have an account, you can go to the control panel and add an instance of RAM

RAM on the Cloud

New Lifecycle Configuration Options

  • When defining a lifecycle transition rule you can now specify reviewers who must approve or reject the asset to continue to the next state. It’s also possible to configure whether state collaborators will receive e-mail notifications.

New Lifecyce Configuration Options

Create work items on a remote RTC server

  • You can now create new work items on a remote RTC server from within RAM. You can do this either through a custom attribute or in a forum post. You still must have credentials on the remote RTC server.

Work item preview

  • Work item previews are now embedded in the page, instead of being displayed as a popup. This allows you to view more than one work item at a time. When hovering over a work item link, a plus icon will appear. Clicking that icon will open a section showing the details of the work item.

Work item preview

…. And more!

To see some of these new features in action, you can create an instance of RAM on the IBM cloud.

Your comments/suggestions/feedback are appreciated as always.