One of the concepts of this blog is to give you a heads up on new information about Rational Asset Manager that isn’t publicly known yet. Since Rational Asset Manager is about sharing, governing and reusing assets, we thought we would give you our customers a place to exchange assets related to Rational Asset Manager. Since Developerworks already has an existing infrastructure “Exchange Place” on line we decided to take advantage of it. We will shortly be adding a new Rational Asset Manager Exchange to this area. The exchange will probably be live within a week or so. This will be a great place for you to contribute and get assets from customers like yourselves that are using RAM. It will be based on “Quid pro quo” mantra of the internet. If no one contributes then no-one receives the benefit. Many contribute then many will receive the benefit.

Here are some examples of assets you may want to consider contributing.
Category Schema – Like industry or Geography
Asset Type definitions –
Policies –
Assets – Like tips and techniques for Rational Asset Manager, or other best practices documents you have used to roll out RAM.

Notice I didn’t say sharing assets like mp3’s or your ripped DVDs.