Rational Asset Manager (RAM) improves on some of the features we delivered in September:

  • Supports OSLC based linking, and Eclipse client integration with RTC 3.0
  • Enhances our OSLC for Requirements Management support to include linking Assets with Requirements in Rational DOORS
  • Supports Rational Insight data warehousing and ETL for uber reporting!
  • You can use a policy on your assets to launch an automation project in Rational Build Forge, e.g: when a deploy-able asset such as an EAR get approved, it can automatically invoke an automation project to get it deployed
  • The “modify reviewer” policy has been improved to support configuring collaboration options, and adding user groups dynamically based on your asset attribute
  • Copy attributes between assets
  • … and more!

You learn more about this release on the Rational Asset Manager New and Noteworthy page!

On behalf of the entire team, Happy New Year!

-Derek Baron

Another cup of ALE

May 21, 2010

As promised, here is part II in this mini-series on SOA Governance. In this video, I talk about customizable workflows and demonstrate how it works between Rational Asset Manager and WSRR.

IBM Innovate 2010 Jam

March 26, 2010

I look forward to seeing all of you on March 30, through April 1st at the first annual IBM Innovate 2010 Jam.  At this Jam, you’ll have the chance to tell us how you use IBM solutions to drive innovation.  We want to hear from you!

Register at this link

Today, we released RAM version!

In addition to bug fixes and enhancements, we used this fix pack to begin a new era of transparent community-oriented development for RAM. I’m thrilled to announce Rational Asset Manager (RAM) has joined the Jazz community on jazz.net.

You can learn all about what’s new, and download the product. We invite you to track our progress – your direct feedback is invaluable.

There’s a new article on developerWorks that gives a quick look at the IBM Cloud offering for developers and testers. What caught my eye was the mention of Rational Asset Manager as part of the infrastructure for the cloud environment. I”ll just add that RAM is also available as an image in the cloud environment!

RAM on the Cloud

I just listened to a good podcast from Grant Larsen. He is our Chief Architect for asset management standards and strategies. He was instrumental in creating the Reusable Asset Specification from the Object Management Group, and has been helping Dr. Gili Mendel craft the specification for the “asset management” domain in the OSLC.

Grant has worked with many of our customers, and shares some lessons learned:

  1. Never roll out as a big bang
  2. Use an on-boarding server, a sandbox
  3. Configure RAM with the perspective of the asset consumer rather than the producer
  4. Content doesn’t have to be managed within RAM (link to it, rather than copy it)
  5. Top-down support critical, while allowing for bottom-up acceptance

He goes on to talk about reusable services, approved open source components, and purchased commercial assets. Check it out here!

An image of the Rational talks to you program

This document discusses step by step instructions on how to migrate your development environment to the test environment using IBM Rational Asset Manager to help ensure the quality of your software development.


Agenda for Migrations

  1. Information that needs to be captured from Rational Asset Manager Development Environment before you can start your migration process.
  2. How to capture the Rational Team Concert Development Environment Workflow from Development Environment
  3. How to recreate your Rational Asset Manager v7.2 Development Environment on the Test environment
  4. How to import Library from Development environment to the Test environment