For those of you that can’t be here at the Rational Software Conference I wanted to give you a preview of part of the demonstration we will be giving in  SDP09  Introduction to Rational Asset Manager.   Customers have asked for more reporting capabilities and we have introduced a Rational Asset Manager integration with the the Rational Insight Reporting product.   This integration works with Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1 and later.   Watch this quick and interesting demonstration showing 2 common Rational Asset Manager reporting requests.  Show me assets that have been in a state of under review for more than a certain amount of time.  This shows you where the bottlenecks are in your review process.   Show me the financial savings of my asset libraries.  This shows you how much Rational Asset Manager is saving you.


Check out this tutorial on developerWorks Exchange I put together for using BIRT to create a report for download and artifact browse activity for a specific community.

As always, please comment on the sample reports you would like to see, or share your reports on developerWorks Exchange.

In this 40 min Webcast you will get a quick primer on Reporting Using Microsoft Excel and Rational Asset Manager. Learn to:

1. How to create reports using Rational Asset Manager reporting URLs and a reporting tool like ( Crystal Reports, BIRT or in our case Microsoft Excel.)

2. How do I create the RAM report URLs.

3. Using Microsoft Excel as a way to import data using RAM web URLs and Web Queries in Excel.

4. Doing more sophisticated queries by joining RAM URL reports with other parameters like an asset activity downloads

5. Learn other ways to get data into Microsoft Excel, using data file import

6. Creating the report format in Microsoft Excel using pivot table to see who has done download activity on a set of assets.

7. Other things to consider.

To watch the tutorial you must first download and install the Raindance viewer to view the demonstration.

Then Download and open the Tutorial Webcast

Sample URLs used in the Tutorial

In Rational Asset Manager 7.1, we introduced data URLs as a way of gathering data from the repository. I’ve uploaded a sample report on developerWorks Exchange that shows download activity for a given community in July 2008. The report is broken into three parts: a trend graph for downloads by day, a table of downloads by asset, and a table of downloads by user.

This report uses data from a production asset repository (the user information and asset names have been changed for confidentiality). The data URL used to retrieve the data is:

Web Services path/reporting/assetActivity:tid=610,fromTime=1214886372791,toTime=1217561172791|asset:shortcut=ramSearch:(1fGroup,lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit)

As documented in the Help Center, the shortcut value can be retrieved from the search page after performing a search.
Example search shortcut

You can import the project into BIRT 2.3 to see how the report was created and run the report yourself.

Would you like to see other example reports? Able to use the data from this report to create your own snazzy report and want to share it? Let us know!