I just listened to a good podcast from Grant Larsen. He is our Chief Architect for asset management standards and strategies. He was instrumental in creating the Reusable Asset Specification from the Object Management Group, and has been helping Dr. Gili Mendel craft the specification for the “asset management” domain in the OSLC.

Grant has worked with many of our customers, and shares some lessons learned:

  1. Never roll out as a big bang
  2. Use an on-boarding server, a sandbox
  3. Configure RAM with the perspective of the asset consumer rather than the producer
  4. Content doesn’t have to be managed within RAM (link to it, rather than copy it)
  5. Top-down support critical, while allowing for bottom-up acceptance

He goes on to talk about reusable services, approved open source components, and purchased commercial assets. Check it out here!

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