It is often useful to integrate your definitive software library with existing processes.  Examples of these processes include a build process that must retrieve approved open source or third party components from the definitive software library(DSL).  A build process that publishes final gold releases to the build system.   Deployment processes that must retrieve approved release implementations out of the DSL.    In this 30 minute – 4 part tutorial, I explain how you can install ANT and the Rational Asset Manager Scripting client files to be able to run scripts to download an asset, publish or modify an asset including defining dependency relationships on an asset.   The tutorial is a primer to get you started.   The Rational Asset Manager documentation provides a comprehensive reference to all the available capabilities.  I have also included the sample scripts here.


Sample Scripts used in this tutorial

This demonstration provides an overview of how to use IBM® Rational® Asset Manager as your definitive software library to build and publish assets. See how Rational Asset Manager, Rational Build Forge and Rational AppScan can automate the delivery and governance of reliable software builds.

Demonstration by Dr Gili Mendel.