Rational Asset Manager v7.2 Is Announced

September 22, 2009

IBM Rational Software announces the September 24, 2009 availability of Rational Asset Manager v7.2. This is the fourth major release since the product was first launched 2 years and 3 months ago. Perhaps the most significant aspects of this release are:

1. Automated software asset governance that scales to the enterprise using custom Asset Lifecycle & policies.

2. Affordability for small, medium and large enterprises by leveraging flexible deployment and licensing options.

3. Enterprise Collaboration Application Lifecycle Management. Rational Asset Manager is now built with Jazz technology.

IBM Rational Asset Manager V7.2 enhancements and their benefits include:

  • New Jazz-driven life-cycle management capabilities to manage asset workflow from concept, development, build, deployment and retirement. Reduce the costs of governing assets.
  • New integrations with IBM Rational Team Concert and other Jazz built products. Connect and federate an asset’s metadata with the related Jazz Application Lifecycle Managed resources. Reduce maintenance costs of assets and reduce the time to find relevant asset resource information.
  • Better quantify return on investment and allocate resources more effectively by using new asset and community level reports.  Visualize usage and popularity of assets with new graphical analytics.
  • New Build Forge® integration integrates assets with the software assembly process. Control what goes out the door and reduce risks by ensuring builds use only approved assets. Automate asset publishing during the build process.
  • New purchase options, IBM Rational Asset Manager Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition making it more affordable for all enterprise sizes.

The entire team is really excited to see this release get into the hands of customers.   There were early signs that this was going to be a great value add release based on the positive feedback we got during our beta program.


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