Tip – Accessing Asset Repository Metadata

May 21, 2009

In the past I have wanted to create reports or just share categories or ontologies that are in RAM with other applications.   A good example of this is lets say you have created a categorization in RAM that represents your organizational business structure and you would like to share that ontology with another repository like ClearQuest for setting a field value for a change request    Or perhaps you have asset types that you would like make available as a selection list that someone could chose as a filtering option to create  a custom report.   Here is a tip that might help you with getting this asset repository metadata as XML simply using a URL.

Sample URL – Retrieves the Asset Types


Sample URL – retrieves the categories for a category schema named “Application Platform Taxonomy”


To figure out the schema name login as adminstrator and hover over the category name in the Administration, Configuration, Category listings.  See image below.



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