For those of you that can’t be here at the Rational Software Conference I wanted to give you a preview of part of the demonstration we will be giving in  SDP09  Introduction to Rational Asset Manager.   Customers have asked for more reporting capabilities and we have introduced a Rational Asset Manager integration with the the Rational Insight Reporting product.   This integration works with Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1 and later.   Watch this quick and interesting demonstration showing 2 common Rational Asset Manager reporting requests.  Show me assets that have been in a state of under review for more than a certain amount of time.  This shows you where the bottlenecks are in your review process.   Show me the financial savings of my asset libraries.  This shows you how much Rational Asset Manager is saving you.


In the past I have wanted to create reports or just share categories or ontologies that are in RAM with other applications.   A good example of this is lets say you have created a categorization in RAM that represents your organizational business structure and you would like to share that ontology with another repository like ClearQuest for setting a field value for a change request    Or perhaps you have asset types that you would like make available as a selection list that someone could chose as a filtering option to create  a custom report.   Here is a tip that might help you with getting this asset repository metadata as XML simply using a URL.

Sample URL – Retrieves the Asset Types


Sample URL – retrieves the categories for a category schema named “Application Platform Taxonomy”


To figure out the schema name login as adminstrator and hover over the category name in the Administration, Configuration, Category listings.  See image below.


There was a new paper published on DeveloperWorks for how to use the Web Services APIs with Rational Asset Manager.

Learn how to integrate your applications with IBM® Rational® Asset Manager. This article describes the capabilities of various APIs for retrieving and modifying repository-based assets. It includes example code that uses the Web service and HTTP APIs for common repository operations.

Here is an good article written by Grant Larsen Chief Architect for Asset Management.  In the article he describes the scenarios, roles and acts for how Rational Asset Manager fits into Enterprise Asset Lifecycle Management.

You are what your tags say you are.   Here is a word Map of the Rational Asset Manager Insider Blog.

Wordle: RAM Insider Blog Tag Map

This will be the third Rational Software Conference that Rational Asset Manager has participated in.   The Rational Asset Manager team is presenting in several sessions at the conference.  The team will also will be  participating in several events at the conference.  If you can only attend one session,  I encourage you to attend SDP09 Introduction to IBM(R) Rational(R) Asset Manager.

We also will have a RAM pedestal in the exhibit hall in the Rational area.  We will be demonstrating the latest release of the product.  Please stop by and say hello.

We are also sending invitations out to our key customers who would like to participate in our VOICE event during the day on Sunday before the conference starts.   In these VOICE sessions we will be sharing our product road map for upcoming releases.  Please send me an email or leave a comment if you are interested in being invited to attend.

Presentation Sessions

NSDP03 GeneralBest Practices for Deploying IBM(R) Rational(R) Asset Manager

Tuesday, June 2, 6:45 pm – 7:45 pm
Brad Sandler, Executive Project Manager, IBM

Asproject executive for the Rational Knowledge Community and IBM RationalAsset Manager deployment leader for Global Services Customers, I willreview the benefits and share best practices of how to deploy RationalAsset Manager. You will see a demo of the application. Lessons learnedfrom several internal and external Rational Asset Manager deploymentswill be included in this session.

SDP09 Introduction to IBM(R) Rational(R) Asset Manager
Tuesday, June 2, 3:30 pm – 4:30/5:00 pm
Carlos Ferreira, Product Manager, IBM
Gili Mendel, Development Manager, IBM

This session examines how the new capabilities of IBM(R) Rational(R) Asset Manager are enabling customers to better catalog, govern and plan, and implement their business and technical assets. The session includes an in-depth product demonstration of IBM Rational Asset Manager.

RWI10 BeginnerCustomer Experiences Using IBM(R) Rational(R) Asset Manager

Wednesday, June 3, 10:00 am – 11:00 am
Grant Larsen, STSM, Chief Architect – Asset Management, IBM Rational software
Carlos Ferreira, Product Manager, Rational Asset Manager, IBM Rational software

This session outlines experiences and lessons learned with IBM(R)Rational(R) Asset Manager (RAM) across multiple customer situations.Several styles of using RAM are explored, including: cataloging,solution planning, reuse, governance, impact analysis, service development, and more.

MAC07 IntermediateGovern Your Unified Modeling Language Models with Software Configuration Management and IBM(R) Rational(R) Asset Manager

Tuesday, June 2, 11:15 am – 12:15/12:45 pm
Kim Letkeman, STSM, Rational Modeling Platform, IBM Rational software

This talk explores a model’s two primary lifecycles in depth. The separation of daily development from longer-term asset management is discussed with examples. Attendees learn how model structure can improve software configuration management (SCM) performance while enabling an asset management workflow in IBM(R) Rational(R) Asset Manager. SCM and asset management scenarios and interactions are demonstrated in IBM(R)Rational(R) Software Architect. Attendees leave with an understanding of model lifecycles and when each tool is appropriate.

This session will run for 90 minutes.

EAM16 GeneralService-Oriented Architecture Governance and Service Lifecycle Management Technical Strategy Update
Thursday, June 4, 9:45 am – 10:45 am
John Falkl, IBM Distinguished Engineer, IBM SOA
Jon Richter, Portfolio Manager, IBM SOA

This session offers an overview of service-oriented architecture (SOA) governance technical and business strategy, as well as information on the architectural alignment of SOA and enterprise architecture.

AC04 Intermediate Enabling Model-Driven Development Using a Definitive Software Library

Monday, June 1, 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Carlos Ferreira, Product Manager, IBM
Gili Mendel, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM Rational