Using the Rational Asset Manager Rich Client

April 16, 2009

A very good article on how the Rational Asset Manager Rich Client can help you create, publish, search and reuse software assets.

2 Responses to “Using the Rational Asset Manager Rich Client”

  1. Thomas Wood Says:

    Nice article, and the rich client is gorgeous

    I would think it would make sense to also put in the the use case of access to RAM being secured via HTTPS and thus requiring some trickery to get the certificates to work. If the wizard can deal with the certificates that would great.

    SSL access is typical as Assets of the Corporation need to be secured and knowledge of who is accessing them….


  2. Carlos Says:

    Hi Thomas, Thanks for the feedback. We are glad you like the client. Regarding your question,

    The Rational Asset Manager help comes with documentation on how to enable the rich client to talk with a secure server on HTTPS. The instructions can be found under ‘Help > Installing and upgrading > Installing the Rational Asset Manager Eclipse Client > Adding the server public certificate to the IBM Rational Asset Manager Eclipse client’.

    Eclipse being a platform on which many tools exist, are providing a common framework to connect to HTTPS servers – the Rational Asset Manager will in future make use of such wizards and functionality as they become available.

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