Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1.1 Available

March 27, 2009

The latest release of Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1.1 was made available today.  This is a service pack release.   This release also includes some small enhancements that customers told us they needed.   Here is where you can find more information:

Install Guide

Release Notes

Here are some of the value add “goodies” in this release.

Administrative improvements

  • Platforms
    • Added SUSE Enterprise Linux 10 SP1 (x86_64bit) – Kernel (1)
    • Added LDAP support for Tivoli Directory Server v6.2
  • Asset Zip filenames now support multi-byte charset
  • Provide the ability for admins to set the path of debug and log files for RAM
  • Major improvements to the setup Assistant (will log/show in a nice HTML table) all WAS, and DB based updates/changes, or configurations
  • Server Status
    • View job status
    • View active web sessions
    • View active web service sessions
  • Run RAM Batch Client headless

Asset Management Improvements

  • Read only attributes
  • Add option to “Cancel a review“
  • From Asset, Visualize Asset link to visual browse
  • Improvement in display order of asset attributes
  • Link and user attributes allow multiple selection
  • Support more URL formats for Asset URL artifacts like: notes://D25WEB1/8525727300578ED8/F2B15920D645AA7985256811006AA0E9/D81A579182B9B5C1852572AA004E7B5B

Other Usability Improvements

  • Reports URL Activity Reports include “browse”
  • Reports URL request multiple activities using tid=(value,value) now works
  • SOA – Ability to publish xsl files to WSRR and to be able to relate them to current concepts
  • Remove an asset from an Asset Library Task
  • Turn off visual browse animation to improve performance
  • Search improvements Now Index:

    • Category name/description
    • Asset type name/description
    • Community name/description
  • Ability to control policy execution order

To see some of these new features in action and to see how RAM can be used as a Definitive Software Library with Rational Team Concert and your Eclipse based IDE check out this demonstration by Dr Gili Mendel.  The viewlet shows how technical assets (services & J2EE Ear/War) can be developed with RAM.

You must download and extract the files in the zip file.  Click on the file ram711_sp1_viewlet_swf.html  You can view the file with Internet Explorer or Firefox.


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