Rational Asset Manager Saving Millions eWeek Article

March 6, 2009

The team was really excited to see this eWeek article.  A good sign of a product’s usefulness is when the company that develops it also uses it.   This eWeek article shows how RAM is being used as a Definitive Software Library for the entire IBM Software Community.  The article describes how IBM is getting value by doing community development and using Rational Asset Manager as a definitive software library.  “We’re saving the corporation hundreds of millions of dollars.” The article says that it is being used by 30,000 software developers.  What isn’t stated is how another 70,000 business users in the organization are also using Rational Asset Manager.  Rather than using the Eclipse Client,  business users use the Rational Asset Manager “Web 2.0” client to manage their business assets.    By seeing how these business assets relate to technical assets teams are better able to find the assets they need and understand their impact on the business.


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