Manage Cloud Computing Virtual Appliances

February 6, 2009

As Cloud Computing takes off customers are struggling contain the proliferation of 100s of similar virtual images or appliances.   Here is an interesting article excerpt from  Reuters Report. It describes how application architectures need to consider virutalization and that there will be “virtualization Sprawl” from the proliferation of images.

“The flip side of the coin is that rapid application provisioning and delivery can create new costs and risks. Reducing the friction from application deployment will likely increase pressures on new application deployment and demand. The well-known real-world equivalent is known as “server sprawl.” The analog in the VM world will be known as “VM sprawl.” The consequence presents a plenitude of unknowns. Organizations must recognize that they not only may be exchanging one
cost and management style for another, but that as physical machines are turned into virtual machines, virtual sprawl is likely to outstrip physical sprawl. Moreover, how VM sprawl acts on the network, storage, I/O and compute power across a network of server nodes, and in an increasingly dynamic model of services, will be a complex multivariant problem.”

This RAM Webcast Demonstration shows how RAM was used to manage virtual appliances.  By making it easier for teams to find existing images that meet their needs therefore avoiding duplication.  Also by providing the necessary governance to ensure that virtual appliances are within compliance.   In this demonstration you can see how teams collaborate to find and share assets using Rational Asset Managers Web 2.0 capabilities.

RAM v7.1.1 is able to be customized to automatically capture metadata from standards based files like the OVF file format shown in this demonstration.  Which reduces the amount of time it takes to submit assets but also reduces errors in entering metadata by hand when submitting assets.   You can learn more about the OVF standard here.  You can learn more about Rational Asset Manager here.

RAM can also manage the business process assets, services and applications that are related to or installed on or used by these Virtual Appliances.


3 Responses to “Manage Cloud Computing Virtual Appliances”

  1. […] compelling for me is that the IBM Cloud is being powered by IBM Rational Asset Manager.    I have written in previous postings, you must have a way to catalog these cloud services and virtual images so that people can reuse […]

  2. Carlos Says:

    Hi Thomas,
    Sorry about that.. I think there is something wrong with the media file because the first time I click on it fails, but the second time it works. I am trying to work out a consistent way of delivering the media. The problem is I don’t always get to choose what formats the files are in. To help I have uploaded this video to if you would like to watch it there. It is 8 Mins long and provides audio explanation of managing the full lifecycle of a virtual image.

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