Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1 is Made Available

December 19, 2008

Over the last couple of months I have been using milestone releases of Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1.   As I was using it I kept saying to myself, “Wow I really like the new features in this release.”    Rational Asset Manager v7.1.1 is being made available today.   It is the sixth release of the product.   I think  it is one of the best releases we have had so far.   We have been listening to our customers and have delivered what they have asked for.  Customers are using Rational Asset Manager to manage their distributed assets across many repositories.  This latest release will allow you to federate across other repositories like Microsoft Sharepoint,   Web servers,  FTP servers,  Cloud computing web based service providers and other Web URL accessible servers that have your assets.    In this release you can search for, use, govern and report on your assets across these and other federated repositories.  Here were the themes of this release and the corresponding capabilities and benefits

Automation of Asset Creation and Maintenance


  • Automate creating SOA assets and other assets including their relationships
  • Automate creating and maintaining asset attributes
  • Custom attributes
  • Bulk asset update
  • Rational Asset Analyzer Integration
  • Rational Software Architect Integration
  • Rational Method Composer Integration


  • Reduce the amount of time to submit assets and reduce errors in asset metadata
  • Save time searching for assets
  • Reduce duplicate assets and eliminate their associated  development and maintenance costs
  • Understand what assets you have

Asset Lifecycle and Tracebility


  • RAM Asset Library versioning support
  • IDE asset referencing for builds


  • Understand how licensed assets are being used
  • Reduce the risks of unauthorized use of IP assets
  • Understand the impact of governance changes on assets



  • Configurable out of the box policies for asset governance


  • Reduces the costs associated with risks that are not discovered and mitigated
  • Reduce duplication of assets
  • Reduce copyright infringement
  • Detect inappropriate language
  • Detect invalid federated assets

Over the coming weeks we will be publishing Webcasts and other tutorials on how to take advantage of the features in this latest release to solve real business problems each of you are facing.


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