Reporting Using Microsoft Excel and Rational Asset Manager

September 30, 2008

In this 40 min Webcast you will get a quick primer on Reporting Using Microsoft Excel and Rational Asset Manager. Learn to:

1. How to create reports using Rational Asset Manager reporting URLs and a reporting tool like ( Crystal Reports, BIRT or in our case Microsoft Excel.)

2. How do I create the RAM report URLs.

3. Using Microsoft Excel as a way to import data using RAM web URLs and Web Queries in Excel.

4. Doing more sophisticated queries by joining RAM URL reports with other parameters like an asset activity downloads

5. Learn other ways to get data into Microsoft Excel, using data file import

6. Creating the report format in Microsoft Excel using pivot table to see who has done download activity on a set of assets.

7. Other things to consider.

To watch the tutorial you must first download and install the Raindance viewer to view the demonstration.

Then Download and open the Tutorial Webcast

Sample URLs used in the Tutorial


6 Responses to “Reporting Using Microsoft Excel and Rational Asset Manager”

  1. […] tools on the RAM Exchange and Blog. We also have previously described how RAM report URLs can be displayed as reports within Microsoft Excel worksheets. In this document I describe how you can use HTML and JavaScript to display formatted […]

  2. test Says:

    where is webcast ???

  3. Thomas Wood Says:

    another great podcast, was able to follow no problem until I encountered the date/time stamp returned from RAM in Excel.

    timestamp = 1.24714E+12

    Excel is unable to convert the timestamp into anything meaningful – is there a macro I should be using?


  4. Carlos Says:

    Hi Thomas, Thanks. I should have included that in the sample spreadsheet. Here is the formula.

    Then format that cell using the following format layout
    Date – 3/14/01 1:30PM

    This will display the date and time of the asset activity.

  5. Chris Says:

    i cannot get this to work. Sometimes it tells me I have too many characters; other times it says it cannot import make sure the file is not read only?

    • Derek Baron Says:

      Hi Chris, would love to help you with this. Can you give a little more background on what leads to the problem?

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