What Integrations does RAM support?

September 21, 2008

I have been getting lots of questions regarding what product integrations RAM v7.1 supports. Here is a screen shot that shows the integrations. We also have other services assets that provide integrations with Microsoft Excel and Lotus Notes to do batch asset loading of assets into RAM. The Subversion integration for versioning asset artifacts is provided by Clearvision. LDAP integrations include Microsoft Active Directory and Tivoli Directory Server. We include an embedded WebSphere application server with RAM, but also support Tomcat and clustered WebSphere Application servers.

Integrations in V7.1

Integrations in V7.1

Here is a list of the integrations:
Tivoli CCMDB
ClearCase base
ClearCase UCM
Subversion ( via Clearvision)
Rational Team Concert
WebSphere Business Modeler
WebSphere Integration Developer
WebSphere Business Monitor
Rational Software Architect
Rational Asset Analyzer
Ant integrations are possible to BuildForge
Microsoft Active Directory
WebSphere Application Server
Search Engine Plug-ins for Firefox and Microsoft Explorer


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